So I’m nothing special, I truly believe this to be fact.  What is it then that differentiates the way I feel about myself from somebody else who revels in themselves and, regardless of whatever anyone else may think of them,  sees themselves as a fab specimen of humanity.  I used to think it could be upbringing, but having siblings with a differing attitude from mine negates this (unless we go into the whole position within the family rigmarole, eldest child me in case you’re wondering).  So is it a learned process?, and who the hell decided to teach me this little joy.


I don’t idly ask this question, I really want to know how to change, not to become an unbearable smug type, but you know to generally accept me for who I am.  I can’t beat myself up forever, it’s not fun, it hurts those I love too.  I get that if you have a talent or a passion you may find it easier to value yourself, but what of those of us that feel we are just normal (I wish!), how do we find some self belief from the little day-to-day things we do that are easily dismissible as ‘everybody can do them’.  Ohhh I wish I knew. 


Universal Secret No. 8




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