Today, oh today, must find 3 positive things to say about today. 

1. Its not Monday.

2. errmm I need to think,


The thing is not every day brings a happy moment or even a nod in that direction.  It is not my lack of effort to make the best of the day that brings me down;hurdle, jump, hurdle, jump, hurdle, wait why am I the one jumping when others are nipping around the edge. Silly old me.

Toeing the line, being the rule follower and the nice one sometimes feels like a weakness.  Surely this is wrong, when did the world change to this extent, or was it a fallacy that heady days where treating others as they would treat you ever even existed.  Why are those doing the best for other people, being considerate and thoughtful left behind.  Be nice and you run the risk of being taken advantage of, saying no isn’t something you’d do so lets ask you.  Extra work, you don’t mind do you?


Well here’s the thing, yes I am nice, but  yes I actually do mind.  I mind each time you abuse my niceness, act after act erodes a little bit of my kind nature, each task that is placed onto my pretty broad shoulders with no thought for me weighs me down that little bit more.  I like me, I like being nice, I wish other people would realise that they are changing me little by little and yes I do have a problem with this.

2.  In eight hours today will be over.

3. Tomorrow could be different.


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